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Mission Statement

 Tampa Friends of The Florida Orchestra is a social group of music-lovers who support The Florida Orchestra through friend-raising, fund-raising, and volunteering.

Our meetings are social events, rather than business meetings, enabling members to get to know each other better.

We usually have a TFO musician who talks about their experiences and who plays several selections on their chosen instrument. Or we may have a staff member explaining the Who, What, When, Where,  Why and especially How  all the moving parts come together to make this the great orchestra that we enjoy.

We also have Pop-Up social events throughout the year, such as our recent Speakeasy event, and a Pop-Up social at the Michael Murphy Art Gallery.

See our Facebook page for all current Friends activities: Tampa Friends of The Florida Orchestra



We are a new organization, and in May, 2023, we finished our first full year of in-person meetings. (Our year runs from August through July.)

Our initial Steering Committee — starting with three people who recruited seven others — met in February, 2020, and then Covid lockdown came in March, 2020.

In  2021 we had virtual meetings with musicians playing.

In February and March, 2022, we met in person, then in April, 2022 had our first Garden Party fund-raiser, resulting in a $5000.00 gift to the Florida Orchestra.

Officers and Board of Directors


Jane Strom

Vice President

Joan Temerson

Vice President

Barb Izzi


Barbara Routen


Lois Ancona

Additional Board Members

Stefan Beuge, Esq.

Director Emeritus

Carolyn McGonigel

Samuel Saporta

Gary Satterfield

Gayle Bertelstein

Eric Williams

Social Committee


Barb Izzi

June Kittay

Beth Unnasch

Joan Gutierrez

Pat Fenda

Jan Audette

Maribel Gonzalvo

Joan Temerson

Lois Ancona

Membership Committee

Alice Heyer

Carol Segundo

Barbara Johnson

Joan Temerson

Barb Izzi

Jane Peppard

Vilma Riesgo


Gayle Bertelstein

Sam Saporta

Stefan Beuge

Gary Satterfield

Emeritus Directors

Carolyn McGonigel

Eric Willams